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Welcome to Knowlura

Over the past ten years, we have worked with a variety of institutions to continuously evolve our products and services. Those partnerships have allowed us to develop smarter ideas for colleges and universities working in the dynamic area of online learning.


What is our smart idea? Guiding institutions in identifying and developing new opportunities for growth through the use of analytical tools while leveraging a shared expertise in the marketing, enrollment, and success of students.

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At our core, Knowlura is focused on working with institutions to bring progress to their online education strategies. It is our mission to help our partner institutions reveal a path to progress through these three key principles:
  • Collaboration

    Smart and honest guidance based on your goals and vision. We provide data and insights to make decisions with you, not for you.

  • Transparency

    A commitment to communication when it comes to your investment, your results, and our recommendations for improvements. We are partners in your success.

  • Expertise

    We combine our 30+ years of higher education history and our mindset for the future with your expertise to develop progressive strategies for your online learning programs.

Our Services

Program and Market Viability
Program Viability Analysis is essential for administrations looking to offer an intelligent portfolio of online programs right for their market.  Whether your institution is interested in launching new programs, or concerned with fledgling programs already in existence, this macro level view will bring your team up to speed on the key environmental data that influence your institution’s ability to attract and enroll students for a particular program.
  • Program and Market Viability Analysis
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Consulting Services

Knowlura’s Consulting Services are designed to focus on the areas that will assist your institution with improving performance. With a concentration on services in Audience Understanding, Internal Knowledge, and External Factors, we will collaborate with the members of your team to develop strategies that instill best practices, optimizes campaign results, and cultivate student relationships.  Together we can build a student experience that leads to improved enrollment and retention.

  • Market Segment Understanding
  • Market Segment Surveys
  • Market Segment Interviews
  • Competitive Program Analysis
  • Job Market Demand Analysis
  • Enrollment Process Audit
  • Secret Shopping
  • Enrollment Funnel Analysis
  • Advanced Enrollment Funnel Analysis
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Digital Marketing Services

The core of Knowlura’s Digital Marketing Services is a smart, collaborative, and proven approach to each institution. Our team, technology, and marketing strategies are optimized for driving cost-efficient and quality inquiries for your team. Our services connect you with certified marketing professionals who can implement new campaigns and improve current efforts to maximize success across all digital channels through sophisticated and targeted lead generation efforts.

  • Media Planning & Buying
  • Creative & Microsite Design
  • Affiliate & Social Media Campaign Management
  • Real-time Lead & CRM Integration
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Dynamic Call Tracking 
  • Email Drip Campaigns
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Enrollment Services
Knowlura’s Enrollment Services are a powerful way to scale your marketing and recruitment efforts. In-step with your enrollment goals, we work with you to develop and implement comprehensive student outreach plans, facilitate student applications and admissions process through customizable CRM strategies. Additionally, these services allow Knowlura to provide enrollment projections and reporting analytics while cultivating community and employer relationships for your institution.
  • Centralized Enrollment Services
  • Campus-based Enrollment Services
  • Responsive Contact Strategies & Funnel Progression
  • Reporting, Analytics, & Predictive Modeling
  • Enrollment Counselor and Compliance Training
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Retention and Student Services

Knowlura understands the value of meeting a student’s needs and supporting them through every step of their academic journey. Our Retention and Student Services  capabilities are a critical component of ensuring student success, retention, and ultimately graduation. Knowlura works in partnership with our client institutions to facilitate academic advising, degree planning, retention, and re-entry efforts through robust reporting, data collection, and analysis.  Our team is focused on proactive student engagement that protects the investments you make to attract, retain, and graduate your students.

  • Centralized Advising, Degree Planning, and Re-entry services
  • On-campus Advising, Degree Planning, and Re-entry services
  • Financial Aid Advising and Facilitation
  • Retention, Persistence, and Attrition Data Collection and Analysis
  • Resource Building and Implementation Training


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Online Program Management
For institutions that are interested in a full-service solution, Knowlura is dedicated to working with you to discover the mutual benefits of an Online Program Management Partnership.
  • Customized full-service solutions
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    “Our results were astonishing... we increased our conversion rate by 91% and leads by 38%.”

    — Pepperdine University

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    "Today's internet-savvy prospective students want to be the decision makers of their future."

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    Knowlura and CampusLogic Announce Referral Partnership


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    Knowlura and CampusLogic Announce Referral Partnership